Characteristics of an Exceptional Leader ...

• Value People Above All Else

• Exhibit Unquestionable Integrity

• Treat Everyone with Courtesy and Respect

• Focus on Team and Not Self

• Exhibit Contagious Enthusiasm

• Continually appreciate and recognize

• Be passionate about what you do

• Maintain a positive attitude

• Do what you say you are going to do

• Listen to what people around you have to say

• Know the facts before you charge the hill.

• No matter what is thrown in your path, keep focused on the goal

• Communicate goals clearly and concisely

• Get people the resources they need and then get out of the way

• Expect the best and then follow up

• Strive for continuous improvement

• Balance all areas of your life

• Don't be afraid to laugh and have fun.



Throughout my career, I came to recognize, value and appreciate the qualities that define great leadership. I will bring these qualities to the office as a member of the Board of Trustees.

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