Once elected, I would immediately implement a ninety day plan, no different than transitioning into a new Executive Officer position.


Here’s my plan:


1.  Meet individually with each elected Official (Supervisor, Treasurer & Clerk) along with the Finance Director. The objective would be to gain a detailed understanding to obtain the current perspective of the priorities of the Township understanding the challenges to continue to improve service/cost structure to our owners (The Taxpayers).  Discussions would also focus on accountability and the plan to maintain or improve service along with the efficiency of Township Operations - Long Term.


2.  While meeting with the Supervisor elected, I would request spending a day or two individually with each Department Head.  The objective again would be to gain a detailed understanding of their organization structure, accountability, budgets, priorities and challenges. My objective would be to gain an in-depth understanding of the daily operations in serving our residents and how decisions are driven/made.


3.  Every good business has standards around purchasing and awarding contracts.  I would want to understand to date, why there is not Competitive Bidding on “all” Township contracts. I would work with the Trustees to implement a uniform competitive bidding process across “all” Township Departments and a clear-cut standard purchasing and procurement policy.


4.  Department Performance and success must not be based solely on activity performed or spending to a budgeted level, but on how our residents view the cost/benefit from the Township for the service received. I will work with the other trustees to insure success is measured not based on activity, but based on the satisfaction of the owners- The taxpayer.  External surveys to our residents should be the norm with results discussed in public forums.


5.  Basic to any business that builds infrastructure utilizing contractors are Vendor/Contractor report cards.  Vendors awarded Township contracts should be measured and annually graded to insure quality standards are met, but also measured on factors such as change orders and percent over/under the job estimate. I would work with the other trustees to have Departments establish Vendor Report Cards which is a common Business practice.


6.  Every Accountable Business produces an Annual Report that clearly shows overall Expense trends year to year, trends in debt levels and Capital Improvements for the entire organization. Today it is not transparent to our taxpayers, how effectively the Township is managing our tax dollars. I would work with the Trustees to change that requesting the “internal” presentations go away, instead focusing on the taxpayer creating a simple to understand semi-annual and annual report.

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